Pronunciation: game-oo-lee
Gameuli began in September 2014, as a way for two sisters (see below) to share their love for gaming, just as they share their love for books over at IceyBooks. On Gameuli, you’ll find gaming news, fun stories, exciting posts, and reviews for games both new and old.


Pronunciation: huff-suh
Hafsah has been blogging for four years, and juggles a plethora of online personas. She’s a book blogger, YA author, web designer, and now gamer. If you’re wondering where she finds the time for all of this, don’t worry, we are too.


Pronunciation: us-muh
Asma is a homeschooling high school student, and will read anything she can find, though she has been getting more and more picky these days. She’s also a book blogger and aspiring author, with a love for pirates, cats, and assassins.

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