Trailers that have us shivering in anticipation

Whether it’s set in history, or set in the future, there are games that make us shiver and maybe even squeal (admit it!) in anticipation. It’s especially addicting and contagious when you see others keeling over in excitement. But who are we to complain? We fell in love with gaming because of the excitement disease.

Here are a few games we’re crazy excited for:

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Why I’m excited for it:
For one, I love Arno’s outfit, and I love the Paris setting. According to Ubisoft, the city will be huge, and the explorable field bigger than ever before. The ability to play with friends is even better, and let’s face it, that trailer just makes you shiver. My goal is to play the other games in the series before this releases though!

The Order: 1886

Why I’m excited for it:
The release for this one is way too far off, in my opinion, because I want it right now. The game logo (yes, those get me excited, too. What can I say, I’m a designer!), the graphics, the fact that myth and history will collide, and the whole technology advancing sooner than it does in our time: it sounds awesome. And it’s set in a historical time: Victorian-Era London. Cannot wait.

It’s also a Playstation exclusive, and one of the main reasons I went for that console rather than the Xbox One.

Shadow of Mordor

Why I’m excited for it:
Tolkien? Lord of the Rings? How can you not be excited? I’ve seen some complaints for the storyline, but I like when old stories are re-imagined and I’m quite excited to see more about this one.

Dragons and maps and fantasy. Fantasy! It’s my one-true love and the trailers for the game have been awesome so far. Definitely shiver-worthy!

Assassin’s Creed Rogue

Why I’m excited for it:
Sadly, this trailer doesn’t make me shiver in anticipation—vague, much?—but the fact that you play as a Templar has me excited. Play as the bad guy? Hear his side of the story? Yes, please. But as it’s slated for last-gen consoles exclusively, I doubt I’ll be playing it.

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