OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood


Is skateboarding your thing? Following the international success of their debut, OlliOlli on PlayStation and PC, London based developer Roll7 is proud to announce they are working on a sequel to the twitch score-attack hit – OlliOlli2 : Welcome to Olliwood. A… fun name, to say the least.

Players will be taken from the street and dropped in the middle of the Big Screen’s most bodacious cinematic locations. Gameplay will be massively enhanced with the addition of Ramps, Jumps and Epic Hills allowing for monster air and split level routes.


OlliOlli2 producer, Tom Hegarty, is hyped about progress:

OlliOlli2 will be the embodiment of skateboarding flow and flair, with a whole new world of opportunities for the skater to bust out a crazy set of tricks and moves…”

The game will house 5 new worlds, 50 new levels, and 250 new challenges, and the hallowed ‘Tricktionary’ will include 540 Shuvits, Anti-Casper Flips and Darkslides to name but a few. A new combo (that has my interest piqued) will feature a split-screen local multiplayer mode for up to four players, pitting them in a race to ramp up the highest scores. New art, clean lines and gorgeous new backgrounds will also be eminent in the newest version—with over 9000 extra frames of hand drawn goodness!

I’m not a big fan of sports or sporting games, but the fact that you can play with up to four other people on one device sounds pretty spiffy.

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  1. Carina Olsen says:

    I do like watching skateboarding. Kind of. I just have never been good at it myself, hih :) Though I might enjoy playing it :) I think. <3 Sounds interesting :)

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