Murasaki Baby Released for PS Vita—Are You Getting it?

Murasaki Baby just released (yesterday, 9/16) exclusively for PS Vita—Playstation’s handheld device—and I never thought I would say this, but… I like the look of it.

Who knew I would like a game where you lead a little girl with a heart-shaped balloon who has a mouth on her head? I’ve also heard it’s more unique than her mouth being on her head: you can manipulate the background as a way to advance through levels. The game sounds very, very weird. Which is a good thing, in this case, because it makes me very, very interested. What can I say? I like weird things. And dark things. And this looks pretty dark. Gothic, even.

Directly from the Playstation store:

Use your wits to guide the girl through paths full of dangers and teach her the difference between right and wrong in a bid to keep her smiling… and alive. Think fast and move even faster as danger lurks everywhere in this truly unique side-scrolling puzzle adventure.

• Use the touchscreen to hold Baby’s hand as you lead her along your journey together – your guidance will influence her behavior, character, self-judgment and perception of danger.
• Discover new ways to solve puzzles with the rear touch pad by unlocking – and switching between − unique “mood” backgrounds.
• Meet a host of bizarre characters trapped in their own tragic state, such as the little boy eaten alive by a huge bunny and a young girl enslaved under her own hair’s control.
• Murasaki Baby is all about the emotional bond you’ll develop with Baby. So clear your schedule, switch off your phone and lose yourself in this incredible adventure.

And, PlayStation®Plus members can grab the game at a discounted price! Will you be getting this for your PS Vita?

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4 Responses to Murasaki Baby Released for PS Vita—Are You Getting it?

  1. Carina Olsen says:

    AW. This game looks adorable. I WANTS IT. But pfff. I do not have PS Vita :\ How mean. Hoping it might arrive to other platforms one day :) Thank you for sharing sweetie. <3

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