Horror Fest: Trailers for THE EVIL WITHIN and THE LAST OF US

Horror movies, horror shows, horror books, and now horror games. I’ve been subject to so many horror things. And by subject, I mean that they’ve been dangled in my face, and as much as I desperately want to reach out and watch/read/play them, I won’t.

Because I’m too scared to. I’m afraid of seeing these things in the dark when I’m waiting for sleep to claim me at night. I’m a full-fledged chicken when it comes to horror stuff.

I know they aren’t real… but that doesn’t stop the fear, does it?

Here are two games I really, really, really want to play. It looks like one is less scarier than the other, and I’m trying to gather up the courage to at least snag the less-scary-seeming one: The Last of Us, soon. Here’s the trailer for it, in case you haven’t played/heard of it yet!

And if you’re the type of person who likes the ultimate scary, TGS (Tokyo Game Show) just released the trailer for The Evil Within yesterday. This is the thing of nightmares, people! Imagine the game. *shudders*

There you have it! Do you play horror games? Or are you a chicken, like I am?

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One Response to Horror Fest: Trailers for THE EVIL WITHIN and THE LAST OF US

  1. Carina Olsen says:

    Hugs. <3 You are awesome. I used to love horror movies before. Like the Saw movies. SHUDDERS. But now I cannot watch them, lol. Not sure I could play horror games either o.O They look way too creepy. And I have enough bad dreams already, hih. If you do end up playing these, though, I'm interested in hearing what you think :)

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