Destiny’s Latest Event, The Queen’s Wrath, Begins Now


Head on over to the Tower and meet up with Petra, the Queen’s emissary. Petra has shaders, gear and emblems for you to purchase, if you’re capable of raising your rank by garnering the Queen’s favor first. So find the Bounty Hunter, complete Queen-specific bounties and you’ll get rewarded with a piece of legendary gear.

For the loners out there (like me), ‘The Queen’s Wrath’ is single player—the first single-player content Bungie has rewarded us with post-launch. For free.

This is just a sample of what Bungie has in store for us Destiny players. Many complaints for Destiny surround the short game story, and these events that just keep adding to the world and story are a welcome treat.

The world of Destiny is huge, short story or not. Last week, players discovered a cave full of loot in Old Russia, and yesterday, IGN released a video, where an area accessible via a window in ‘The Black Garden’ was discovered. While it might just be an empty space right now, there’s always the possibility of something popping up there in the days to come.

Will you be meeting with Petra in the Tower today?

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  1. Carina Olsen says:

    Sounds like fun :D Enjoy sweetie. <3

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