5 Tips to Help You Get Through Your Day so You Can Play Destiny

Destiny released earlier this week, and all you want to do is stay home from work/school and play, play, play. But life won’t let you, and we know exactly how much you’re suffering. We feel your pain. To combat, we’ve got five—albeit satirical—ways to help you get through your long day until Destiny hour(s).

1. Set your work/school desktop/phone/tablet screen to the Destiny poster wallpaper. The thing is so glorious, just staring at it gives you an out-of-this-world experience.

I grabbed this over at DestinyNews.net

2. Commence crying about your Warlock/Hunter/Titan waiting at home and all those other people playing and advancing without you.


3. Watch the live action Destiny trailer, and the hundreds of others, too. They are epic, and just as epic as the games. So take your pick, and watch away! (And don’t get caught.)

4. Read all the blogs about Destiny because you clearly don’t have to work/study. What is life when you have Destiny?

Credit: GiantBomb.com

5. At the end of the day, or as you leave work/school (yay!), say to yourself, in the voice of Bane, I’m here to fulfill Ra’s al Ghul’s Destiny!

Credit: Comic Vine

Now get home and show the Fallen who’s boss.

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